acensium Process

UnknownWatson Power BMH and our engineering partner ascensium specialize in bulk material
handling processes and systems. We empower our client’s entire team to participate
in solution development, making each member a stakeholder in the outcome.

What differentiates us from other design-engineering firms is our capability to model and design systems that are essentially free from dust and spillage, which substantially reduces operational and maintenance costs over the life of the system.

Step 1: Scan and Model

Aging plants rarely have drawings available, and if they do, they are often inaccurate. By capturing laser scanned “as built” data, all the parties have complete confidence that the background drawings used to develop a retrofit project are an accurate representation of the installed system.

acensium collects high definition colorized laser data and converts the data to 3D modeling that can be used directly for design projects.

Scan data can also be utilized by maintenance planners in the development of work orders with accurate equipment representations right from their desk!

Step 2: Design and Check

acensium designs projects completely in 3D. All team members are able to collaborate regardless of their ability to read 2D drawings.

Engineering work products from an unlimited number of designers can be combined into the model, with the existing as-built as the background.

The complete model with as-built background is utilized to check for clash with existing equipment and to visualize the demolition and installation of the new system.

Step 3: Inspection

Complex designs require complex fabrication. It is often impossible to accurately inspect fabrication with conventional measuring means. Utilization of laser scanners in fabrication inspection allows complete verification of all measurements.

During retrofit construction, it is difficult to confirm key installation dimensions. On site laser scanning allows confirmation of correct component placement and can be performed while the installing crew is at lunch. Results available when they return!

Step 4: Visualization

Utilizing laser scan data, modeling, and 3D design, acensium creates virtual worlds that allow for training, simulation and preplanning within a fully interactive gaming engine experience.

Train your personnel inside your own virtual plant environment!

Create applications for:
• PRB Coal Awareness
• General Plant Orientation
• Emergency Response
• Critical Maintenance Procedures